Dia De Los Toadies 08 (2015) - Fort Worth, TEXAS

“….One hell of a rock festival” –dallasobserver

“Even a quiet night still packs a punch" –star-telegram

"In a nutshell the Dia De Los Toadies was one HELL of a show!" –infrared magazine

Dia De Los Toadies 07 (2014) - Fort Worth, TEXAS

"The Toadies are Texas! The Toadies are Fort Worth! This is my favorite day of the year!" –

Dia De Los Toadies 06 (2013) - Fort Worth, TEXAS

“Dia De Los Toadies Festival, a Texas institution, was the perfect hometown hero live music experience.” –dallasobserver

“Fans came out by the thousands and hail the band as the local heroes they've become. Seriously: The crowd sang every single lyric and exploded in cheers in between songs. It was impressive.”–

Dia De Los Toadies 04 (2011) - New Braunfels, TEXAS

“The band has created one of the best concert-going experiences of the whole year in Texas. Start watching your back now, ACL Fest.”–ourvinyl

“The Dia De Los Toadies shin-dig has become perhaps the greatest showcase for Texas rock." –

Dia De Los Toadies 3 (2010) - New Braunfels, TEXAS

“Dia De Los Toadies has become the Willie's Picnic of a new generation.”–austin chronicle

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